Sate Haji Kelik: A Neighborhood Cafe

By N Mark Castro

What I find so refreshing in Indonesia is the presence of restaurants and cafes that offer traditional Indonesian hawker food using either native interior design or even modern and cozy set up. It’s like seeing a Philippine canteen offering bola-bola in one of those Greenbelt cafes.

And that’s exactly how Sate Haji Kelik’s 24-hour branch in the recently-refurbished Pasar Festival.


What I love about the ambiance is that it’s practically al fresco with no air-conditioning but the sturdy ceiling fans provide enough breeze together with air ventilation. It was one of the first things I noticed even when they were still setting up the place and figured that it would be a hit among hip-hop kids that seem to take up residence in Plaza Festival, especially during at nights.

Which gives lazy Saturday afternoons free for oldies like me.

DSCN0112The inviting couch is a good place to chill and listen to some house music.

DSCN0111While the reasonably priced hawker-food menu is amazing on its own.

UrbanOuteaters PicturesThe price range is highly affordable considering the menu is a take on the city’s infamously delicious hawker-food, which can range to about Rp 120,000 for two persons. You’d be stuffed.


Sate Haji Kelik likewise offers franchising opportunities.

Perfect way to enjoy a lazy Saturday afternoon.DSCN0113


Plaza Festival, Lantai 2
Jl. HR Rasuna Said
Kuningan, Jakarta

* Some pictures were grabbed from Urbanouteaters.


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